Becoming a Morning Person….


It’s the start of the week and after a long weekend in Ireland, it’s a slow start….

I am a person who loves their sleep! If you wake me up before I am ready to face the world I become insufferable. I’ve been slowly trying to become a morning person as quite frankly I’m jealous of those who start the day perky and productive.

Step 1: Wake Up Early

So as you can imagine, step one starts by getting up early. I’ve been progressively getting up earlier and earlier each day rather than going cold turkey and getting up at ridiculous O’Clock. This is a much more obtainable and sustainable process. Leaving my curtains open to let the natural light work as an alarm clock and not pushing that snooze button has been the key to my success.

Step 2: Breakfast!

That’s right the best way to entice me out of bed is with food. I usually start the Irish way with a good cup of tea. Depending on my mood, I change my breakfast, sometimes it’s sweet with overnight oats or it’s savoury with eggs, avocado and toast.


Step 3: Reading

I am usually one to grab my phone first thing when I wake up, cause you have to check if someone has messaged you during the night…….. right?! I know this is a bad habit and I’ve been trying to swap it with reading. I used to sit in bed on my phone for an hour even two (how bad is that!) but now I read for a half an hour and hop up about my normal morning routine. I feel so much more productive now.

Step 4: Going to the gym

I know, not many people want this to be a step and it doesn’t have to be but I actually like getting up and moving during the morning. Then I don’t feel so bad having to sit in work for a lot of the day. Sometimes even a walk around you area is enough to get the body moving and it’s good for your mental health!


What helps you be productive in the morning? I’d love to make my morning even better and any tips that can help, please pass it on. It’s my favourite time of the day.

Love Megan xxx