Essie Bahama Mama Review

Recently I made myself be conscious of looking after my nails to make them grow. They were not looking pretty! I tried gel nails but they are just expensive and time consuming. I’ve been obsessed with painting my nails the past few weeks and it’s been helping them grow so much. It’s my little self care routine each week to be cuddled up with a cup of tea, paint my nails and watch the Great British Bake Off.


I have every brand of nail polish under the sun from Rimmel, Essence, Maybelline etc. However, I seen so much of Essie that I thought I would give it a try. Now it is on the pricey side but it’s so worth it. I’m so rough with my hands and always chipping polish that it never lasts long on me. Essie has been lasting the whole week with the smallest of chips, that I just top up if needed. It is IMPORTANT to use the top coat though! This bad boy makes it last on any nail polish but much longer when used with Essie polish. It also gives that gel look. Anytime I’ve been using it lately, I’ve gotten so many compliments.


People have actually asked if it’s gel?! win win for me! I would highly recommend trying Essie polish, I’m certainly going to pick up more when I’m shopping. I got the colour Bahama Mama because it was perfect for Autumn and I’m addicted to burgundy colours! It’s my weakness.

Love Megan xxx