Living a More Sustainable Life

I think everyone has had sustainability on their mind lately. It’s everywhere in the news, if you haven’t heard of Greta Thunberg you may be living under a rock?! I’ve been contemplating what changes I can make that are going to be more sustainable for my day to day living…..

Coffee Cups 

I have an addiction to coffee like many people, I can’t get through a days work without having at least three (I know, it’s bad!). I used to buy take-away coffee from Starbucks, Costa or McDonalds everyday. Not only is that expensive but using unneccissary paper cups each day. I switched to using a keep cup so anytime I get a take away, it’s not needed to be thrown in the waste. I also make almost all coffee’s at home now. My boyfriend got me a sealpod that works in a nespresso for my birthday, it’s metal and you just pop your ground coffee in it and pop a seal on top. No recycling involved and you can through the ground coffee in a compost bin.

Nespresso Capsules

Metal Straws

Along the lines of using coffee cups, I also made the switch to metal straws. They are so handy and easy to clean. I got these in primark a few months ago but I have seen them on amazon and ebay too.


Packaging & Recycling

Everything has so much packaging these days. At times not needed. Especially fruit! It has it’s own biodegradable packaging for goodness sake! These bananas from Dunnes were super cheap and I was delighted to see how little packaging was involved. Although I have been trying to go to more food markets, it’s not always realistic with my work hours. It’s also important to put waste in the appropriate bins. Many foods can actually go in the compost bin, we barely use our general waste bin anymore!


Getting More Educated

I realise that I have so much to learn, I’m listening to more podcasts, watching more youtube videos (love Zanna Van Dijk!) and trying to read as much as possible. The planet is every changing and I think we should all try and do our part to make it a better place to live for us and our children.


Do you have any changes that you have made to your day to day life that are making an impact on the planet? I would love to know!

Love Megan xxx