Essentials for College

Hello friends,

I just graduated from college woo! I actually survived so I thought I would give you all my essentials that I used for college.

1. Laptop


Of course all of our assignments were online and most of our courses used online modules so not having a laptop would have made life very extremely difficult. There was computers in our college to use but it meant not being able to do work from home. You can buy laptops second hand but if you are able to purchase new, it’s well worth it.

2. Notebooks & Folders


Although much of my work was online, I’m still old school and liked taking handwritten notes to help me learn the information in more detail. I often made little notes in different colours to highlight if it was important for an assignment.

3. USB Key

4. Friends


Yep, I know it’s daunting but having friends to do study groups or work on assignments together is a key part of college and networking. It makes the hard work that little bit easier and often you have friends for life from it.

5. Food Prepping

screen shot 2019-01-09 at 19.35.09

Often you would spend the guts of 10+ hours in college and not having food with you, might result in you actually dying and not being able to work anymore. I always had lunch, snacks and a travel mug with me to help when cravings kicked in.

6. Research everything!


The more time you can spend on researching a topic, the better your grade will be. Even if you have a month till your assignment is due, spending 20 mins researching it every few days will make writing it so much easier! That is the best tip you can get. Spread out the work load but get as much info as possible.

That’s it my friends, so what are your college essentials?

Love Megan xxx

Super Quick Overnight Oats

Hi again,

It’s half way through the week and each day is getting harder and harder so you skip out on breakfast or lunch to get into work quicker. Well, I have a super quick recipe that takes 5 mins the night before which you can grab and go in the morning.




1/3 cup of oats

1/3 cup of milk or milk alternatives (Add more or less to make it the consistency you like)

Scoop of protein powder (optional)

Honey (optional)

Cinnamon (optional)


Whack everything in a bowl (or mug if you are weird like me!) mix it altogether and leave overnight in the fridge. When you wake up, it’s ready to go. Simple as.


What’s great about this breakfast is you can change up the toppings or flavours to keep it interesting. What are you favourite toppings for oats?

This breakfast is very healthy. Oats are rich in carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins, minerals, high in protein and fats. Not many foods have everything you need. The carbohydrates in oats are also slow releasing which means you stay fuller for longer and won’t crash half way through the morning. As a coffee addict, I found since I started having this in the morning, I’m not reaching for coffee mid day. It’s incredibly good for your digestion and rich in antioxidants to keep your skin looking glowy.

If you haven’t tried overnight oats for breakfast give it a go for a week and see the difference in your energy levels.

Love Megan xxx

Starting a Bullet Journal.

Hello my friends,

This week I thought I’d bring it back to a bit of self love! I’ve heard so much about bullet journaling but to be honest, I thought there was a lot of effort involved to make it look beautiful and I’m really not all that creative! Then I found this cute little bullet journal book in Eason’s for 12.60 euro.


It is so cute and can fit in the smallest of handbags. It also takes out all the effort of making a template for your journal but still allows you to be creative!


I’ve found since doing this journal, it’s given me more time to reflect and also take a break from technology which can be so hard now a days. 20191201_130428.jpg

I think this a great way of getting into bullet journaling. I feel once I’ve done this book, I might upgrade to making my own one but right now this one really suits my lifestyle. If you have any bullet journal tips please comment!

Love Megan xxx

Becoming a Morning Person….


It’s the start of the week and after a long weekend in Ireland, it’s a slow start….

I am a person who loves their sleep! If you wake me up before I am ready to face the world I become insufferable. I’ve been slowly trying to become a morning person as quite frankly I’m jealous of those who start the day perky and productive.

Step 1: Wake Up Early

So as you can imagine, step one starts by getting up early. I’ve been progressively getting up earlier and earlier each day rather than going cold turkey and getting up at ridiculous O’Clock. This is a much more obtainable and sustainable process. Leaving my curtains open to let the natural light work as an alarm clock and not pushing that snooze button has been the key to my success.

Step 2: Breakfast!

That’s right the best way to entice me out of bed is with food. I usually start the Irish way with a good cup of tea. Depending on my mood, I change my breakfast, sometimes it’s sweet with overnight oats or it’s savoury with eggs, avocado and toast.


Step 3: Reading

I am usually one to grab my phone first thing when I wake up, cause you have to check if someone has messaged you during the night…….. right?! I know this is a bad habit and I’ve been trying to swap it with reading. I used to sit in bed on my phone for an hour even two (how bad is that!) but now I read for a half an hour and hop up about my normal morning routine. I feel so much more productive now.

Step 4: Going to the gym

I know, not many people want this to be a step and it doesn’t have to be but I actually like getting up and moving during the morning. Then I don’t feel so bad having to sit in work for a lot of the day. Sometimes even a walk around you area is enough to get the body moving and it’s good for your mental health!


What helps you be productive in the morning? I’d love to make my morning even better and any tips that can help, please pass it on. It’s my favourite time of the day.

Love Megan xxx

Living a More Sustainable Life

I think everyone has had sustainability on their mind lately. It’s everywhere in the news, if you haven’t heard of Greta Thunberg you may be living under a rock?! I’ve been contemplating what changes I can make that are going to be more sustainable for my day to day living…..

Coffee Cups 

I have an addiction to coffee like many people, I can’t get through a days work without having at least three (I know, it’s bad!). I used to buy take-away coffee from Starbucks, Costa or McDonalds everyday. Not only is that expensive but using unneccissary paper cups each day. I switched to using a keep cup so anytime I get a take away, it’s not needed to be thrown in the waste. I also make almost all coffee’s at home now. My boyfriend got me a sealpod that works in a nespresso for my birthday, it’s metal and you just pop your ground coffee in it and pop a seal on top. No recycling involved and you can through the ground coffee in a compost bin.

Nespresso Capsules

Metal Straws

Along the lines of using coffee cups, I also made the switch to metal straws. They are so handy and easy to clean. I got these in primark a few months ago but I have seen them on amazon and ebay too.


Packaging & Recycling

Everything has so much packaging these days. At times not needed. Especially fruit! It has it’s own biodegradable packaging for goodness sake! These bananas from Dunnes were super cheap and I was delighted to see how little packaging was involved. Although I have been trying to go to more food markets, it’s not always realistic with my work hours. It’s also important to put waste in the appropriate bins. Many foods can actually go in the compost bin, we barely use our general waste bin anymore!


Getting More Educated

I realise that I have so much to learn, I’m listening to more podcasts, watching more youtube videos (love Zanna Van Dijk!) and trying to read as much as possible. The planet is every changing and I think we should all try and do our part to make it a better place to live for us and our children.


Do you have any changes that you have made to your day to day life that are making an impact on the planet? I would love to know!

Love Megan xxx

Essie Bahama Mama Review

Recently I made myself be conscious of looking after my nails to make them grow. They were not looking pretty! I tried gel nails but they are just expensive and time consuming. I’ve been obsessed with painting my nails the past few weeks and it’s been helping them grow so much. It’s my little self care routine each week to be cuddled up with a cup of tea, paint my nails and watch the Great British Bake Off.


I have every brand of nail polish under the sun from Rimmel, Essence, Maybelline etc. However, I seen so much of Essie that I thought I would give it a try. Now it is on the pricey side but it’s so worth it. I’m so rough with my hands and always chipping polish that it never lasts long on me. Essie has been lasting the whole week with the smallest of chips, that I just top up if needed. It is IMPORTANT to use the top coat though! This bad boy makes it last on any nail polish but much longer when used with Essie polish. It also gives that gel look. Anytime I’ve been using it lately, I’ve gotten so many compliments.


People have actually asked if it’s gel?! win win for me! I would highly recommend trying Essie polish, I’m certainly going to pick up more when I’m shopping. I got the colour Bahama Mama because it was perfect for Autumn and I’m addicted to burgundy colours! It’s my weakness.

Love Megan xxx

Massaman Stir Fry

This Massaman stir fry was so quick and simple but hits the spot in terms of flavour!

We were tempted to order a take away like many on a Friday night but decided to whip something up even quicker than a take away. This takes 20-30 mins (depending on how quick you can chop!)


  • Wholewheat noodles (or any noodles of your choice)
  • Massaman paste
  • Coconut milk (we chose reduced fat)
  • Soy Sauce
  • 2 tablespoons rapeseed oil (or any oil you have)
  • Garlic
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Spring onions
  • Mushrooms
  • Onions
  • Potatoes
  • Cashew Nuts
  • Curry powder & Paprika (optional)

Step 1: Chop up all your veg

Step 2: Put the potatoes in boiling water for 5 – 10 mins.

Step 2: Put the pan on a high heat, once the oil is hot throw in your onions and garlic to sweat down. Once the onions become clear pop in the carrots, mushrooms and spring onions.

Step 3: Drain the spuds and put them in a hot tray with oil in the oven at 180 °C for 10-15 mins.

Step 4: Put the noodles in boiling water for 5-6 mins.

Step 5: Add 4-5 tablespoons of paste, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce and 200-300ml of coconut milk (add more milk if you want it have more sauce like a curry).

Step 6: Put the broccoli in the pan with the other veg and put a lid on the pan to let the broccoli steam for 5 mins.

Step 7: Add a sprinkle of curry powder and paprika, once the noodles are ready mix them into the pan with the veg.

Step 8: Take the potatoes out of the oven.

Step 9: Plate up the stir fry and top with the potatoes and cashew nuts.

If you liked this recipe or tried similar ones, let me know!

Love Megan xxx